About us

About us

With unremitting urban development and the continuous expansion of infrastructures and construction locally and globally, Taleb Holding Co. stands tall among the most progressive companies that has successfully grown to take the lead among the exclusive category of class A construction and contracting companies.

Taleb Holding Co. was founded in 1971 under the name Ghazzawi & Taleb Contracting Co. It offers all kinds of engineering, construction, and road contracting services. It became one of Lebanon’s leading companies in residential building and contracting after succeeding in building a strong reputation in undertaking multi-discipline projects that reflected high-end consumer satisfaction. Gaining the 1st degree-contracting license by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, the company’s growth was marked by undertaking governmental projects by which the company reflected a solid image of commitment, professionalism, and punctuality.

In 2009, Ghazzawi & Taleb Co. became a subsidiary of Taleb Holding along with Taleb Group Ready Mix Concrete.

Taleb Holding Co. prides itself with the history that underlies its current growing success and takes further pride in delivering the highest ethical practices while conforming to international standards. Certified by ISO:9001, the company strives in achieving excellence in delivering customer satisfaction through quality control in which processes and plans built on global standards of quality are met through certain specifications that ensure timely performance and prevention of problems and disputes thereby providing us with the opportunity of operating more efficiently and by presenting work of supreme quality.